Cave Group Tours by Boat

Cave Tours will take you to the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik coast. You will enjoy amazing panorama of the city walls and new part of Dubrovnik while traveling to Elaphite Islands. Our first stop is the Blue cave on Koločep island. The boat is equipped with snorkeling gear so you can enjoy underwater beauty and enter inside of the cave. Colour of the sea is blue and you can stand on your feet inside. If you are feeling adventures, this is a place for cliff jumping.

After exploring Blue cave next stop is three green caves. These caves are special because they are connected so you can go from one cave to another and exit on another part of the island. Colour of the sea is turquoise so you will have amazing snorkeling experience here. When you finish exploring caves we will take you to the most famous beach in southern Croatia called Šunj. Beach is one kilometer long with white sand and shallow water. There you have free time to relax, swim or take a drink from one of the Coctail bars . After enjoying amazing time on the beach we will go back to Old town. Boat will stop in front of Lokrum island and you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful sunset with glass of wine in your hands. Book cave tours in Dubrovnik and enjoy enjoy this unique adventure