Elaphite Islands

There is a group of islands facing Dubrovnik called the Elaphite Islands. The word “elaphite” comes from the Greek word for “deer” as the arrangement of the islands’ reefs, bays, and isthmuses resembles a set of magnificently ramified deer horns. The Elaphite archipelago consists of 13 larger and smaller islands, but only three of them are inhabited: Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan…

Mljet Island

Some say that, while describing the enchanted island of Ogygia, Odysseus, and the nymph Calypso, Homer must have had the island of Mljet in mind. This of course, cannot be proven, but some of the poet’s descriptions undoubtedly fit this island.

Korčula and Hvar

Visiting Korčula and Pelješac on a single excursion is an experience in itself.

In the ancient Greek period, the island of Korčula played an important role as an integral part of the cultural and commercial life of the Mediterranean. Evidence of that is still visible on the island in the form of the magnificent “Moreška” dance, the itineraries of Marco Polo, and the golden wine of Korčula. The city of Korčula is a museum in itself, while the island offers rich vegetation, sandy beaches, and deep blue bays…

Cave Tours

Cave Tours will take you to the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik coast. You will enjoy amazing panorama of the city walls and new part of Dubrovnik while traveling to Elaphite Islands. Our first stop is the Blue cave on Koločep island. The boat is equipped with snorkeling gear so you can enjoy underwater beauty and enter inside of the cave. Colour of the sea is blue and you can stand on your feet inside. If you are feeling adventures, this is a place for cliff jumping.